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Using Cross Media to drive engagement

In a competitive market our businesses marketing needs grow. Traditional marketing methods are less effective and budgets are being eroded. Marketing Campaigns have evolved, with new methods of communication comes a new level of marketing analysis.

With the use of Cross Media Marketing such as Variable Print, Email, pURL’s and SMS we can now deliver a single solution to create, manage and track your marketing campaigns. Due to more personalised communications channels your marketing collateral can become more direct and thus more effective.

Our Cross Media Marketing solution proactively communicates to new and existing customers via the most appropriate medium at the most appropriate time. Reach out to your target audience across multiple channels including pURL’s, SMS, Personalised Print, Email, Direct Mail and Web. This provides more effective campaign response and greater ROI’s. Our solution helps you deliver measurable returns and reduce costs whilst maximising your exposure and marketing reach.

Its no longer good enough to know your customers contact details and historical spend, now you need to know their needs and behaviour to ensure you deliver the right product or service. Utilise next generation technology to stimulate your customer relationships

  • Get real time results and the ability to make campaign changes on-the-fly
  • Build better brand relationships with your customers with 1:1 campaigns
  • Create personalized campaigns integrated across multiple channels
  • Leverage your CRM for highly targeted and personalized campaigns
  • Easily create and send campaigns

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