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Assessing your QR Code and NFC Tag Campaign

Running a marketing campaign of any type requires assessment of the target market and understanding what their needs are.

Without good market research or analysis of some marketing data, the success of your campaign is at risk before its inception. At pushQR we have over 10 years of experience in dealing with multi-channel campaigns and we know that success comes from the early steps in your campaign and knowing your audience.

Our campaign assessment process drives out relevant data and provides analysis that highlights significant factors that contribute to maximized campaign success. It’s all part of part consultancy service

Defining you QR Code and NFC Tag Campaign

Defining your goals are vital, how can you measure any form of success if you don’t know what your goals are? In our experience, most companies either fail to set relevant goals or set unrealistic goals that their data or market could support.

Goal definition should be specific rather than generic, an example would be to aim for response data on specific product lines or understanding the success of particular media types in your campaigns.

Our campaign goal defining process looks deeply into your marketing functions and channels to derive relevant and realistic goals for your multi-channel campaigns.

Planning  your QR Code and NFC Tag Campaign

We all know planning makes a huge difference but time often causes us to reduce the necessary time spent on planning. At pushQR we have developed key planning processes that create complex campaigns into a manageable easy to execute the process.

Our experience in planning is what sets us apart but we are agile enough to change campaign elements on-the-fly where necessary. This allows us to provide continued returns on investment through your marketing campaigns.

Creating your QR Code and NFC Tag Campaign

The creativity in your campaign is the element that makes the difference when the campaign hits the streets. In a world where we are bombarded with millions of messages a day those who are more visually stimulating with relevance will draw our attention. Our team of creative’s can help produce stunning designs that provide key psychological factors to draw users to act thus making your campaign a greater success. Want to know more see our Marketing & Design service

Executing your QR Code and NFC Tag Campaign

Executing QR Code campaigns backed with integrated trigger marketing requires unique software solutions that’s why we we built pushQR and our integrated engine. Our applications provide a fast and efficient way to deliver results in your campaigns. If you don’t have an account you can signup for free or view our account features before you do to see what QR Code & NFC Tag features are available

Analysing your QR Code and NFC Tag Campaign

Analysing your results as they happen and at the campaigns end is vital to ensuring that you understand the reaction of your users, this allows you to respond with the most effective message and media. This response can be automated for long-term multi-channel campaigns or be personal with personalised media or even a phone conversation. Analysis sometimes involves eyes and ears meaning marketing deliberate to form consensus over the data however at pushQR we have developed extensive data and behaviour modelling and can interrogate data to provide meaningful statistics of post-campaign analysis this is our Data Analytics service.

Responding after your QR Code and NFC Tag Campaign

Once you have assessed your results your responses will have value and meaning ensuring that relationships built with the customer also have value and meaning allowing you, to build greater customer lifetime value. Your response should form another campaign so in essence, each campaign is related to ensure your marketing messages are joined up and correctly monitored.

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