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QR Code & NFC Tag Marketing Examples

Ready built campaigns in pushQR

One of the benefits of pushQR’s QR Code and NFC Tag platform is that we have  QR Code & NFC campaigns ready made for you to easily create no code and fuss. Simple input your QR Code or NFC Campaign details and the platform will generate the campaign codes and tracking details.

Below are some live examples of the campaign types built ready for you to use. Just snap the QR Code with your phone or click the QR Code to see it in action. The possibilities for QR Codes and NFC Tags are endless and we can custom develop your campaign for you with our services.

Product Pages

Product pages allow you to link directly to the info page of any product online such as landing pages, product configurators or product ranges

Product Purchase

Product purchase campaigns allow you to link to direct to a product and place it into the online basket or make an immediate purchase

App Downloads

App downloads link directly to your app in the relevant App Store including Apple’s App store, Google Play and Microsoft store

Social Media

Social Media campaigns connect the user directly to your Social Media accounts perfect for getting those follows and likes!

Lead Capture

Lead Capture campaigns allow you to capture prospective customers details for contacting in the future through a very simple low touch form.

Product Reviews

Product reviews allow you to link to a review video of a product and then allow the user to leave their own review on a site of your choice.

Contact card

Contact Cards are virtual business cards that provide both your contact details online and allow the user to add you directly to their phone via a Vcard immediately.

Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag Campaigns link the user directly into your defined Hashtag to invite them to converse with other users on specific topics on social media. Perfect for events and online discussions.