QR Code Dress at Webby Awards

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So I have worn my very own snazzy QR Code T-Shirt but this little QR Code dress really adds some chic and practicality to QR Codes. At the recent Webby awards Jessica Stewart wore a QR Code dress and the QR Codes linked to two videos for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation that she had won awards for. See the video here.

What a great way to share content whilst you mingle!

QR codes in music videos

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I was just sat watching 4music’s video of the week and there right at the end was a QR code, thats right in the video. Luckily I can pause and rewind, so i did. Snapped the code and was taken to the You Tube video. Does that make sense? Firstly i am not yet convinced by QR codes on mainstream programming but worst of all it was not being tracked the url was direct so if someone clicks they wouldn’t know.

First rule of QR codes guys is to track it, understanding is valuable in your marketing efforts. Also its great to have your video available again for the QR COde respondee to view but if they read your code they probably wanted to know more, how about a microsite? As with everything marketing, driving an action is just one part of the campaign but giving the user value to take an action is another.

Anyway its good to see QR Codes being embraced further, keep up the good work!