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Direct you QR Codes to something relevant

For many businesses having a website and making this meaningful and relevant is hard enough. They are generally generic and often become a brochure online because the audience is unkown. What if it was easy to have a website that your target audience could access easily when they needed it and the message was relevant to their visit maybe to even purchase from you? put your brand and message in their hands before their eyes, get relevant content to your market to assist their purchasing.

mobile-websites-apps-servicesMobile sites and apps are a great way to achieve this with the fast pace adoption of smart-phone technology consumers are looking for easy access to relevant information fast, something a generic website not optimised for their device will not give them and subsequently you may lose business. A mobile site and app is far more capable that many think to, its not just a smaller version of a website its a fully functional online application ready to promote, inform and assist the buyer.

Here are just a few effective features of our mobile sites:

  • Branded to your business
  • Add dynamic content such as News feeds, Image portolfios, videos and audio
  • Add location aware maps to guide users
  • Surveys
  • Contact forms
  • Ecommerce purchasing
  • Coupons
  • Competitions

Mobile sites and apps engage users in a way that often websites cannot and this is more the case when driven through an application such as pushQR where the impluse and desire to visit the site is driven in a meaningful context.

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