QR Code Uses

Here are a few ways to use QR Codes in your marketing material and engage users more effectively

Using QR Codes correclty is key to campaign success


The browsers moving from the desktop to your phone and tablet device. As these devices can read QR Codes it makes sense to mobilise your offering. We can produce mobile sites for all devices to support your marketing and sales needs.

Social Media

Social media’s place as a marketing channel is well secured and growing quickly. With QR Codes you can add links to your social network profiles, add likes, page links and even competition entries, social media is a marketing hot bed.


Ever wanted to know more about a product on the move, see a music video or a film trailer, well QR Codes give you the ability to share video content to mobile devices and tablets providing an easy to access timely media experience.


Competitions surround us, we all like the chance to something that we desire. Competitions are a great way to market your brand and gain customers. QR Codes allow users to easily enter competitions direct from their mobile.

Point of Sale & Signs

Billboards and Point of Sales are affective methods of advertising however they are difficult to trace in terms of their return. Adding a QR Code gives a user the opportunity to gain information and for you to get valuable marketing data.

Promotional Print

QR Codes work great at bridging the physical and virtual world. By adding a QR code you allow them to act on interest straight away and can  provide them with any of the content on this page. How else can you join up tees media channels.


With the advent of vouchers sites on the web and aggressive promotional tactics being able to offer an easy way to obtain and redeem vouchers is a must. QR Codes allow you to simplify this process increasing sales.

Content Downloads

Apps, ring-tones, wallpapers and maps are all examples of the kind of content mobile users are downloading. Why not make its easier with a QR Code, promote with a QR Code and track the downloads.