• What is pushQR?

    marketing-design-servicespushQR is an easy to use and exciting way to engage your consumers via direct marketing without consumer intrusion. Many direct marketing methods rely on saturating the consumer with information which is often irrelevant, this reduces a consumers response to future communications thus reducing their drive to communicate and purchase. pushQR works by leveraging many forms of direct and indirect marketing to maximise the consumer response through non intrusive organic need response. This need response conforms to AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) a well know process to which consumers become motivated to act to external stimuli such as Marketing.

    marketing-design-servicespushQR is an online application that allows you to take full control and generate as many pushQR Tags (QRCodes) as you require to add to any of your Marketing communications such as POS, Posters, Press Adverts, online Adverts, Emails etc. Once the tags are created and placed they can be used to drive a consumers to a number of different campaign goals from mobile websites, ecommerce solutions for direct purchasing, sms response , email response and many more.

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    marketing-design-servicespushQR allows you to maximise your attention grabbing marketing communications to create interest responses by adding our QR Code tags to your communication. It creates touchpoints so that a consumer can easily act at the point of desire creation to perform a vital purchasing action such access information, initiate a call back response or purchase immediately. The touchpoints and communications are tracked but on the basis of a known wanted response by the consumer, this makes them feel protected and nurtured in your marketing relationship.

  • Features

    It may be an easy to use simple application but pushQR is feature rich! We have great generation capabilities and awesome reporting to maximise your Marketing campaigns:

    TAG generation

    • Supports QRCodes and Microsoft TAG
    • Generate vCards, Calendar Events, Email, Phone, SMS, URL’s and Social Media links
    • Edit Colour
    • Edit Size
    • Export to PNG, GIF, JPEG, PDF, EPS and SVG


    • Easy to use Dashboard for analytics
    • Includes advanced detailed reporting
    • Comparative reports available
    • Full date filtering
    • Graphical charts

    Software Service

    • 100% Online solution – access anywhere
    • Mobile version of application
    • Hosted and backed up – hassle free

  • Benefits

    Utilise existing marketing mediums and methods

    benefits-qr-codesBecause the tags can be added into print or digital media during or after the creative process pushQR integrated easily into a Marketing workflow.

    No costly technology to install

    benefits-qr-codesThere is no need to install and hardware or software for the brand owner, no special EPOS changes, expensive servers, just add the tag where you want it.

    Engage users at the most direct level

    benefits-qr-codesThe mobile phone is the most direct method of communication with a consumer, its practicaly never leaves their side and with the capabilities of the smartphone growing as fast as its adoption this opportunity is set to grow too.

    Measure your campaign success

    benefits-qr-codesIts difficult to measure much of your Marketing spend ang gain valid metrics but with pushQR you can take static immesurable communications and make them measurable with host of key metrics and analytics.

    Create a multitude of methods for consumer communication choice

    benefits-qr-codespushQR works with any media. On a poster, a brochure, an exhibiton display, a digital sign, an email and even television this endless flexibility makes it an extremely consistent marketing tool.

    Maximises your marketing spend

    benefits-qr-codesBecause you can use any medium and can track and report without huge additional costs pushQR provides a great way to maximise your marketing spend.

    Build close and relevant consumer relationships

    A challenge for any Marketer is to build a close and relevant relationship with their consumer, pushQR provides this by a non intrusive approach to communication aimed to stimulate an organic response to communication.

  • Demonstration

    demo vid code here