Account Features

An explanation of account features

To ensure pushQr works for everyone we have 4 different account models Personal, Small, Medium and Large. Each has a different level of features to ensure the price and features match your requirements at a point in time. You can always upgrade your account at any point in time.

Here is a brief explanation of each features to help you choose the account that’s right for you.

Feature explanation:

QR Code/Tag Generation

Available to all accounts this feature enables users to generate QR Codes and Microsoft Tags. A list of QR Code features such as output formats and QR Code types can be found here.

QR Code/Tag Analytics

This feature ia available to all accounts and allows you to track and measure the response and interactions with your QR Codes generated Campaigns.  A list of the reports can be found here.

Social Media Analytics

This features is available on all accounts and shows the number of times your QR Code content has been shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Search Engine Analytics

This features is available to all accounts and provides search engines analytics for your mobile sites that use your campaign generated tracking codes.

Ad Network Analytics

This features is available to all accounts and provides analytic data on any campaign tracking codes used in any ad networks.

Email/SMS Analytics

This features is available to all accounts and provides the ability to track any responses received from SMS or email traffic regarding your campiagns.

Number of campaigns

Based on the level of account you choose will define how many QR Code/Microsoft Tag campaigns you can actively run  and monitor with the features above. You can still generate as many QRCodes/Microsoft Tags as you like as long as they are now URL based and being tracked (such as SMS, vCards, Social Links etc.)

Number of campaign groups

A campaign group is a feature that enables you to divide your campaigns up into different groups pr categories. These could be based on business departments, Media channels, Products or services or any other way you wish. Your account level defines the number of groups available.

Bulk code generation

Bulk QR Code generation allows you to upload data in a CSV format to produce many active campaigns and creates a downloadable zip  file containing  your QR Code images. Very useful for active campaigners.

Number of sub-users

This feature allows you to create other users in your account to manage and generate campaigns.

Social Features

This feature enables you to receive regular updates delivered to Facebook and Twitter on your campaign statistics.

Export Files

This features enables you to exp[ort you campaign results to CSV or Email them to someone.

Mobile Dashboard

This feature enables you to access your campaign dashboard on a smartphone.