Smartphone Growth

Changes in consumer phone usage is driving QR Code popularity.

There she grow’s!

The growth of technology is rarely a surprise to anyone in an age where much of our lives rely upon technology for simple everyday tasks. What is a surprise is the rate at which the Smartphone market is growing and how quickly consumers are adopting the lifestyle that accompanies it. Below are statistics that show how the market performed between Q3 2003 and Q3 2010 courtesy of Gartner. What is scary is that these figures are during economic downturn and devices are not the cheapest on the market!

  • The smartphone market is growing at nearly 100% (96%).
  • The overall market is growing at 35%.
  • The non-smartphone market is growing at 25%.
  • Android grew at 1,340% y/y. iOS grew at 92%, Symbian at 61% and RIM at 40%.

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So why is it that Smartphone adoption is so significant? The answer lies in their ability to perform functions that make our lives easier, communicate better and allow us to do more with little time. They can browse the internet, reach across social communities online, tell us where we are going (GPS), email, SMS and thats just the start there are thousands of applications that extend their abilities specific to every users needs.

What does this mean

Oppotunity! The adoption of such a personal technology and communication device means that for a business, aiming for close and relevant consumer relationships, your most effective channel has arrived. Imagine as a consumer you could control how you interacted with a product and service and how you gained relevant information and when, wouldn’t you want that control. As a brand trying to engage with the consumer on a meaningful and real level wouldn’t you want a way to do this without wasting money.

The smartphone is the answer but you need the right tools to make this work… thats us!

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