Easy to use QR Code Campaign tracking tool

pushQR is an easy to use QR Code generator and QR Code campaign tracking tool. Many direct marketing methods rely on saturating the consumer with information that is often irrelevant which reduces a consumers response to future communications and thus reducing their drive to communicate and purchase. pushQR works with QR Codes and Microsoft TAG’s to leverage many forms of direct and indirect marketing and maximise the consumer response through opt-in or pull marketing. This response ,mechanism conforms to AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) a well know process to which consumers become motivated to act to external stimuli such as QR Code Marketing.

How AIDA works

pushQR AIDA compliant marketing

  • Stage 1 – Attention: A timely and relevant communication grabs the users attention
  • Stage 2 – Interest: The communications content arouses interest in the consumer
  • Stage 3 – Desire: The communication creates desire and need in the consumer
  • Stage 4 – Action: The strength of the desire evokes an action from the consumer

People like buying, just look at consumer debt over the last few years! What consumers don’t like is the pressure or feeling of forced purchasing. If something is going to genuinely make our life better, happier or richer don’t we want to know about it? Cynicism is inevitable when many of the marketing messages are misleading or intrusive. If consumers have a desire for products you just need to educate them, that you can meet their desires and create a strong marketing relationship they way they want it.

So how does pushQR help?

pushQR allows you to maximise your attention grabbing marketing communications to create interest responses by adding our QR Code tags to your communication. It creates touchpoints so that a consumer can easily act at the point of desire creation to perform a vital purchasing action such access information, initiate a call back response or purchase immediately. The touchpoints and communications are tracked but on the basis of a known wanted response by the consumer, this makes them feel protected and nurtured in your marketing relationship.

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